Research Incubation

Research Incubation (RI)

The RI initiative of IFIM has been recognized as one of the top 15 initiatives of Asia-Pacific region by AACSB. We find a high correlation between students' performance in Research Incubation and their success in final placement. RI projects help students understand business problems better and appreciate the variables to impact the business outcome. This in turn helps them articulate better.

The below figure depicts the RI Program Objectives at IFIM Business School as articulated by the Management team.

The Research Incubation (RI) programme at IFIM Business school was set up to integrate the three main stakeholders: students, faculty and industry practitioners in line with the IFIM axiom 'learning by solving'.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Expose the students to current literature relevant to the project /business problem
  • Analyse the given situation and understand the process of research design
  • Understand the process of collecting/ gathering relevant data
  • Analyses and visualization of data to draw meaningful insight
  • To understand feasibility of proposed solution

Fig 1.2: RI Program Objectives

Fig: Steps of Research Incubation

Research Incubation has helped students in achieving their career goals in terms of job opportunities in leading companies like HDFC, Yes Bank, Nielsen, Moody’s Analytics to name a few. A strong correlation has been observed between RI score and placement opportunities.

Key achievements of 2019-20

  • Identification of 4 key areas of focus for research and thought leadership.
  • Integration of RI, Super Specialization, IIP and SIP areas for working on the research papers.
  • Overall publications (research papers, Case studies, Book chapters, conference presentations improved from 55 in 2017 to 85 in 2018 and 101 in 2019.
  • Students publication were 35 papers in 2017-19 and 28 in 2018-19.
  • FDP and mentoring on Research by Dr Parasuraman and Prof Suraj Commuri.
  • Research Incubation featured in top 15 initiatives of Asia Pacific Region in AACSB ‘ Innovations that Inspire’ series
  • Research Incubation was shortlisted for presentation at Indian Management Conclave held in New Delhi in August 2019