Marketing Area

Marketing Area

Vision :

Achieving a QS (World University Rankings for MIM) Business Master Ranking among the top 70 institutes globally in Marketing in the next three years with the following enablers:

  • Marketing 4.0 Curriculum
  • Best Mix of Scholar Practitioners
  • Deep connect with new technology companies
  • Technology intensive marketing projects In Super/ Minor Specialization
  • Digital Focus
  • AIM Parasuraman Centre for Service Excellence

Objective :

To be the sought after destination for stakeholders (students, recruiters, faculty) in the following competency areas:

  • Technology led Marketing,
  • Sales and Services, and
  • Customer Experience

Courses in Marketing Area :

We have looked at the World Economic Forum report on ‘Jobs of Tomorrow’ and a few leading job portals like LinkedIn Jobs for a good understanding of emerging roles and competencies required in today’s marketing profession. Following this we interacted with leading CMOs in India and abroad across various industry domains, to identify the new age aspirational roles that our students in Marketing Area need to prepare for.

Accordingly, we have introduced a wide variety of electives that prepare you for Marketing 4.0 era. Our accomplished faculty have carefully crafted each course outline, making them contemporary and contextual. Our choice of marketing elective courses and faculty strength make the marketing area at IFIM one of the best.

S.No. Course type Course
1 Core (Three credits) Marketing Management
2 L1 (Two credits) Sales Management
3 L1 (Two credits) Consumer Behavior
4 L2 (Two credits) Digital Marketing
5 L2 (Two credits) Social Media Marketing
6 L2 (Two credits) Marketing Research
7 L2* (Two credits) Marketing Analytics
8 L2* (Two credits) Text Mining and Sentiment Analytics
9 L2* (Two credits) Predictive Analytics in Business with R and Python
10 L2 (Two credits) Integrated Marketing Communication
11 L2 (Two credits) Marketing Communication Design
12 L2 (Two credits) Retail Marketing
13 L2 (Two credits) B2B Marketing
14 L2 (Two credits) Brand Management
15 L2 (Two credits) Services Marketing
16 L2 (Two credits) Customer Relationship Management
17 L2 (Two credits) IT Sales and Marketing
18 Core (Three credits) Business Policy, Strategy, and Simulation
19 L2* (Two credits) Ecommerce
20 Core (Three credits) Managing Service Process quality and Productivity
21 L2 (Two credits) Distribution Management in Digital Age
22 Core (Three credits) Introduction to Digital Business (Anchored by Digital Business Area)
23 Core (Three credits) Behavioral Science (with applications in marketing function anchored by HR)
24 Marketing Technology at Darden Business School, University of Virginia
Topics covered : Cluster Analysis for Segmentation; Multiple Regression and Market Mix Model; Logistic Regression; Marketing Media Attribution Simulation; Creating Systematic Inventive Thinking
25 Super Specialization-India Based (Ten Credits) Micro Super Specialization in Sales and Services at AIM Parasuraman Centre for Service Excellence
Subjects Taught:
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Key Account Management
  • Customer Centered Decision Making
  • Sales and Services Analytics

*Denotes cross listed courses with other areas, relevant to Marketing Students
Students can opt for only one of the super specialization, Sl No 24 or 25 above. In both the super specialization, students will be required to work on a live industry problem in line with our pedagogy ‘learning by solving’.

Executive Development Programs in Marketing Area :

In line with IFIM’s Mission to nurture continuously employable professionals, Marketing Area at IFIM offers an array of executive development programs to keep industry professionals updated with the next practices in various marketing functional areas. We usually conduct the following programs:

Topic Faculty Involved
Winning through Service Excellence Dr. A Parasuraman; Prof. S K Palekar; Dr. Asit K Barma; Dr. Sundar V; Prof. Raghavan Srinivasan
Workshop on Marketing Communication Design Prof Pravin Mishra; Prof Subhash Tendle; Prof. Rajan Nair
Ecommerce Strategy Prof Sandeep Sharma
Digital Marketing and Consumer Insight Mining Prof Asit K Barma; Prof Kalyan Sengupta; Prof Rajesh Kumar
Predictive Analytics for Business Forecasting Prof Kalyan Sengupta
Managing Brands in New Economy Prof Anand Narasimha
Selling and Negotiation Skills Prof. Rakesh Mediratta, Prof. S K Palekar
Growth hacking through Consumer Centric Culture Prof. Raghavan Srinivasan


The Marketing Area at IFIM prides in its rich faculty strength with outstanding mix of academic accomplishments and industry experience. Many of them have played CXO roles in industry. Distinguished international faculty from leading global B Schools like Darden School of Business; McCombs Austin; State University of New York - Albany; Asian Institute of Management, Manila makes the academic experience at IFIM one of the best in the country. Many international scholars in residence and young bright faculty at IFIM will help you with supervised learning and carrying out academic research and project to ensure you enjoy your learning at IFIM Business School.

Sl No Subject Faculty
1. Marketing Management Dr Atish Chattopadhyay; Prof Rakesh Mediratta; Prof S K Palekar
2. Sales and Distribution Prof Rakesh Mediratta; Prof S K Palekar; Prof Soumya Chaudhuri
3. Consumer Behavior; Marketing Research; Customer Centered Decision Making Prof Raghavan Srinivasan; Dr Suraj Commuri; Dr Payal Trivedi; Dr Vandana
4. Marketing Analytics, Predictive Analytics in Business with R and Python Dr Kalyan Sengupta
5. Digital Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Text Mining and Sentiment Analytics Dr Asit K Barma; Dr Suraj Commuri; Dr S Chandrashekar
6. Retail Marketing and E Commerce Prof Rajesh Kumar; Prof Sandeep Sharma
7. Customer Acquisition and Retention; Key Account Management Prof S K Palekar; Dr Rema Gopalan
8. Services Marketing; Service Process Quality and Productivity; Sales and Services Analytics Dr A Parasuraman; Dr Kalyan Sengupta; Dr Asit K Barma; Prof S K Palekar; Dr Rema Gopalan; Prof Rajesh Kumar; Dr Ellur Anand; Dr Sundar V
9. Brand Management; Integrated Marketing Communication; Marketing Communication Design Prof Anand Narasimha; Prof Pravin Mishra; Prof. Subhash Tendle; Prof Rajan Nair
10. Customer Relationship Management Dr Sandeep Puri; Dr Asit K Barma
11. Behavioral Science Dr Asit K Barma; Dr Shaji Kurian; Dr Navodita Mishra
12. B2B Marketing; IT Sales and Marketing Prof Rajesh Kumar; Prof Partha Dasgupta; Dr Asit K Barma
13. Business Policy, Strategy, and Simulation Dr Kamalika Chakraborty
14. Introduction to Digital Business Dr Asit K Barma; Dr Sundar V; Prof Soumya Chaudhuri; Prof Sameer Dhanrajani

International Faculty :

Dr. A Parasuraman

University of Miami

Dr. Suraj Commuri

University at Albany, SUNY

Dr. Rajkumar Venkatesan

Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

Dr. Sandeep Puri

Asian Institute of Management, Manila

Dr. Christofer Laurell

Scholar in Residence

Visiting faculty

Prof. Raghavan Srinivasan

Former CEO-Kantar; Former CEO-TNS India

Prof Partho Dasgupta

Managing Partner- Digicert Consulting; Former GM-Wipro Infotech

Prof Subhash Tendle

Professor-MICA; Former Creative Director- FCB-Ulka

Rajan Nair

Faculty-MICA; Creative Director- Omnivore Academy

Certification Programs :

Today’s CMOs are essentially playing the roles of CMTOs (Chief Marketing and Technology Officers). We therefore encourage our students to be proficient in marketing technology tools and programs. Various courses offered by us will prepare you for the following certifications. This also makes your CV look good!

Marketing Labs

In line with our pedagogy of ‘learning by solving’ Marketing area in IFIM is privileged to host two laboratories :

  • AIM Parasuraman Centre for Service Excellence

    The aspirational vision of the Centre is to serve as a catalyst for bringing together and facilitating interactions among academic scholars, companies and students (who are would-be managers and/or scholars down the road) with the goal of promoting and nurturing service excellence in multiple areas. This Centre can be envisioned as a three-pillared structure, with the Centre's vision atop the structure and supported by three interlinked pillars :

    • research scholars from academic institutions
    • practitioners from various industry sectors and
    • students being trained at academic institutions.

    The overall aim of the Centre is to serve as a catalyst for making significant contributions relating to service excellence in three intertwined areas – research scholarship, managerial insights and pedagogy. Students in marketing area get to work on real life service excellence projects across domains in this Centre, the first such centre in India to work on building service excellence index in India, and you get this unique opportunity to be a part of the experience.

  • Communication Design Lab

    According to WEF 2020 report on ‘Jobs of Tomorrow’, few of the emerging jobs are identified as Creative Copy Writer, Content Writer, Content Producer, Content Marketing, with associated skills like writing, graphics design, audio visual content making. Many of you may be endowed with such skills already and would like to further build on it. To facilitate this, we have created a Communication Design Lab including an AV studio. Here, you will learn the following trendy topics from the best in the industry:

    Design Thinking; Transmedia Story Telling; Transmedia User Experience; Visual Merchandising; Design for Retail Experience; Design for the Digital World – Mobile Apps & Games; Fundamentals of Animation; Fundamentals of Copyrighting; Designing a visual identity; Art of Product Design.

  • Participation in Corporate Events

    Our students regularly participate in various corporate marketing events promoted by brands like Google, Amazon, HUL, Pepsico, Marico, L’Oreal, Hero, Mahindra, Airtel. This provides an unforgettable experience to the participants, besides creating visibility.