IFIM and The Full Circle of Holistic and Social Development

IFIM stands strong on its mission of nurturing holistic socially responsible professionals. Every action is driven by its mission and it is by living and breathing this mission that IFIM is able to create an impact on students by developing their holistic selves so that they in turn are able to create impressions in the business world and more importantly society.

Our state of the art curriculum, pedagogy, engaging student activities and our organisation’s structure, work hand in hand to help our students travel a Full Circle journey of Holistic and Social Development. Integrated into this circle is the creation of means, the dissemination of the means and the deployment of the means. The Circle also has embedded into it, the holistic blossoming of our students, an empowered society and the institution’s contribution towards furthering the UNDP goals.


IFIM has adopted five villages in the Kolar district under the government’s Unnat Bharat Abhiyan scheme that aims to link higher education institutions with Rural India so that they can contribute to their economic and social betterment. CRY has set up a project in these villages to empower children especially the Girl Child. Finally, the Full Circle loops into SIP or our Social Immersion Program where the entire student community will work in tandem with CRY at Kolar to utilise the corpus effectively to impact society. The fourth and final pit stop is the new batch taking over from their seniors and the building up of the Brand Kanyathon once again through media leading up to the next edition and the creation of funds and so forth.

An added feature this year in this circle was Kanyathon rising to help the daily wage woman worker as well as families in our Kolar adopted villages during the COVID 19 lockdown.


The very First Step in this circle is the Creation of Funds through Kanyathon. IFIM’s pride, Kanyathon is an annual charity Family run organized by our students to Save the Girl Child and for Women Empowerment. Runners from Corporates, Schools, Colleges, Army, Running Clubs and Fitness centres, families of Electronics City and volunteers from CRY all ‘Run for Her’’. Rs. 22 lakhs has been donated to CRY in the last four years and have impacted the lives of more than 300,000 girl children in education, nutrition, safety and hygiene through our partner, CRY (Child Rights and You), who has been working towards creating happier and healthier childhoods for the last 40 years.


IFIM and its management are strong advocators of students leading and driving events and provides a strong support in infrastructure, curriculum design and most of all supports innovation to bring about results. The huge footfall at Kanyathon 2020 was the innovation this year that changed the landscape of Kanyathon.

The PEP program has a module called Negotiation Skills to enhance persuasive skills using the selling of Kanyathon passes as a live experience. The program is well structured to help learn the entire cycle of selling, starting with group formations, nominations of sales leaders, picking up the stock of passes, followed by expert tips from the Sales faculty on sales functions like prospecting, pitching, team functions to achieve set targets and documentation of Daily Reports. The PEP faculty holds review sessions with each group to address challenges as well as practice different pitching approaches through role plays.

To make the course extremely effective, it is divided into two major components, Sales Effort and Sales Performance. These components are further broken down into measurable parameters. Students are graded and assessed on their Effort to sell as well as on their Performance of making a sale.

This course is a real booster of confidence as students drop their inhibitions of approaching strangers, prospect rightly, modify their persuasive pitch, answer challenging questions from prospects, follow up with leads, get references, handle rejections and finally make a sale. This unique process resulted in almost 1500 sales which boosted overall Kanyathon 2020 sales and immense skills development in students.


The Kickoff Ceremony

Kanyathon 2020 began with a lot of pomp and splendour. The Kickoff Ceremony had none other than Adam Gilchrist who was visiting our campus as the Brand Ambassador of our partner university, University of Wollongong who passed on the Kanyathon torch to the new core team to officially launch Kanyathon 2020. With this inspirational moment and with the fire in the belly the new core team and the management set targets of increasing registrations from 4000 participants in 2019 to 7000 in 2020. It was also decided to position Kanyathon as a ‘family run’, a run where the entire family especially children could participate. This positioning has made Kanyathon, the only run in Bangalore that gives the entire family a fun filled morning of fitness and fiesta.

Kanyathon 2020 - March 1st 2020 - Surpassing Milestones

‘Run for Her’ is Kanyathon’s motto and we can say that we’ve successfully been able to do exactly that and more, this year too. The run has grown from a mere 400, nine years ago to 4000 registrations 2019. This year we continued our tradition of the 5K, 10K and 3K runs and also introduced an inter-collegiate run where college and school groups could compete.

2020 almost doubled the output of 2019 with a footfall that zoomed up from 3500 to almost 7000 runners with registrations also quadrupling from 4000 to 10000.




Kanyathon 2020 included esteemed corporates such as Biocon, Infosys, Siemens, Momentive, 24/7, Army personnel, Colleges like SIBM, NMIMS, IIIT, prestigious Schools such as Edify, DPS and Redbridge, Running Clubs and families of Electronics City. Diversity with runners from Nigeria and differently abled individuals joined hands for a cause. This edition had a massive increase in sponsorship in cash and kind. Ajmera was our lead sponsor. Fitbit, Lenovo, Grape Events, Cycle World, Kosmoderma, Morris Garages, Soulfull, Infosys, Decathlon, C.R.Y, Sakra World Hospital, Nestle, SRVand Elcita were our partners too in cash and kind.

Kanyathon 2020 was bustling with life from the Bollywood Zumba beats to the Laughing Cow. Kids had a gala time with fun and entertainment at the Kids Corner. The magician wowed the kids with his magic tricks. All this enhanced the family flavor of this year’s Kanyathon. We had Madhu Bhandari - Lawyer and Artist as the Chief Guest, wife of his Excellency Justice Dalveer Bhandari, Judge, International Court of Justice who is a highly skilled lawyer and an extremely creative artist as well as Aruna Newton, Global Head- Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability Governance and Reporting at Infosys flagging off our runs.

Kanyathon 2020 was held at the Infosys Leisure Ground once again and the ground was spewing with high levels of energy and enthusiasm. A breakfast from Farm Veda, a social enterprise that works with farmers a hot beverage from Milo refreshed the participants. Participants were also given a Finisher Medal, Certificate and a Kanyathon T-shirt along with a goodie bag filled with snacks, vouchers, and gifts to take back home.

The promotions for 2020 started out in October, posters and videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to attract interested participants. Aggressive Offline Promotions were held in apartments, corporates, digital media, stores and outreach activities like a bike rally across Electronic city. Corporate leads were wooed and bulk participation was sealed.


Milestones were surpassed with Kanyathon 2020, skilling up of students happened and the Holistic development as promised by IFIM in its mission was a positive consequence. The 9th edition was well orchestrated between the Kanyathon Company and its team of CXOs, core members and volunteers. The organisational support through the Executive Execution Committees and the framework of the Negotiation Skills curriculum helped in yielding tangible results of a scaled up event.

Skills blossomed and were practiced over and over again through the four months of sweat and toil. Meticulous planning and organizing, efficient and professional execution, working with deadlines and targets, timely documentation, coordinated teamwork, solving problems and challenges collectively along the way were tried and mastered. In addition, taking quick and sometimes tough decisions coupled with negotiating and persuading prospects, sponsors and vendors and other life lessons have left students empowered with All Round skills and a Holistic Personality. Here are the words of the Core team.