Center Of Excellence In Entrepreneurship Development

Center Of Excellence In Entrepreneurship Development

Centre for Continuous Employability

The Centers of Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development helps students and aspiring entrepreneurs with training, mentoring and incubation of start-ups.

IFIM Business School (Now Jagdish Sheth School of Management) aims to be the most sought after destinations for quality management education and hence in line with this vision, the centers of Excellence for Entrepreneurship Development envisages the following :


The center aspires to be one of the most sought-after destinations for budding entrepreneurs. The center envisages the percolation of entrepreneurial mindset across the institute leading to a thriving ecosystem for nurturing entrepreneurship.

In line with the mission of IFIM to nurture holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable professionals, the institute’s agenda is to create an ecosystem that allows students to develop into enterprising citizens. This entails creating opportunities for students to learn, experiment and execute their ideas for business ventures that add value to their own environments.


The Center aims to build an empowering ecosystem that freely admits and nurtures candidates with entrepreneurial mindset by helping them set-up ventures, learn from experiential pedagogy and obtain access to legal, financial and mentoring support.

In pursuit of building such a system, the centers of Excellence - Entrepreneurship Development (COE - ED) at IFIM will pursue the following objectives –

  • Increase number and strengthen quality of entrepreneurial activities on the campus (short terms and long term ventures, campus ventures, talks, panels, workshops etc) to allow percolation of entrepreneurial focus across all programs.
  • Cultivate an ecosystem of supporting mentors, financiers and legal aids.
  • Develop instructive programs that enable budding entrepreneurs to make educated decisions.
  • Develop innovative pedagogies for training entrepreneurs.
  • Develop intellectual capital in the area of entrepreneurship in terms of research, study materials and instruction materials including but not restricted to cases, exercises, activities and simulations.
  • Develop a self-sustaining incubation center.

The CoE – Entrepreneurship Development pursues its objectives in three main verticals -

  • An important pillar of the center is the intellectual capital developed by means of courses and programs offered by the institute. The center aims to attract entrepreneurial minds through the specialized courses offered to students inclined towards entrepreneurship. The idea is to nurture and kindle these minds in to setting up and growing ventures.
  • The central pillar of the center is the incubation center which facilitates and houses the potential start-up entrepreneurs to experiment with their ventures.
  • The third function of the center is to develop a network of experts as mentor, advisors, funder to help incubatees with successfully launching their ventures.

The Startup Foundry at IFIM Business School (Now Jagdish Sheth School of Management) is the incubation centre of the IFIM Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development. The foundry is an entrepreneurial hub for enabling key exchange of ideas, nurturing and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit at the institute. The Startup foundry aims to nurture incubatees through a combination of business support, mentoring and developmental assistance aimed at improving valuation through business growth.

The foundry hosts guest sessions, talks by experts and mentors to allow a ground for connecting students, entrepreneurs, and various stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem on a common platform.

IFIM Business School (Now Jagdish Sheth School of Management) has signed an MOU with SpringUp Capital, a VC Fund and Accelerator to strengthen the start-up ecosystem for PGDM students. SpringUp Capital and IFIM Business School (Now Jagdish Sheth School of Management) have agreed to work collaboratively to strengthen the start-up ecosystem for the students of the institute. The collaboration enables SpringUp to work with the Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development at IFIM Business School (Now Jagdish Sheth School of Management) and associated faculty members to catch early-stage campus start-ups and mentor them to refine the business idea, “PIVOT” the idea of the early-stage startups to suit market fit, scale these campus start-ups through SpringUp Capital’s accelerator program and help in  getting the funding  thereby enabling business growth through SpringUp’s accelerator program.

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