With the rise of exponential technology, the industry life cycle that saw an organic growth till 2000, is now experiencing a non-linear growth at this time of Industry 4.0. With the rapidly changing nature of work outside, today’s youth needs a different charter of learning to prepare for this.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) report on 21st century skills, further complemented and validated for its relevance to India by the IFIM Business School (Now Jagdish Sheth School of Management) and the National Human Resources Development Network (NHRDN) study (http://ifimbschool.com/ifim-nhrdn-report/), has clearly established that the business schools need to focus more on developing the being and the capability of doing.

There is a call to action for business schools to set an agenda for the academic framework to groom leaders beyond tomorrow. It is apparent that there is an urgent need for good BBA and B. Com programs in India in sync with the developed countries. Question is, who can now take the lead? It is incumbent on the top schools especially the ones benchmarked with the global standards, like AACSB accreditation, to set the standards, with futuristic curriculum, pedagogy, faculty, and global partnerships.

At Vijaybhoomi University, we believe, education should prepare you to lead a successful life through all the disruptions that come on the way, and not merely equip you with skills and knowledge to find your place in some role in an industry or organization for a pay check. Liberal arts can provide students with problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The liberal arts component in BBA and B. Com prepares our students to formulate ideas from multiple perspectives, solve problems, adapt, and collaborate. By combining multiple disciplines of study, liberal arts can expose students to a wide array of subjects, encouraging them to look beyond the obvious and contribute to solutions, and create meaningful change in the world.

This BBA and B. Com programs from VU enables you to define your impact in the new VUCA world. The programs offer a broad general education basket in the first year, which include areas like Arts & Humanities, Science, Law, Business & Leadership, Data Science, Design and Environmental Science before they get into their business courses. The strategic logic behind the course architectures of these two programs is eliminate the need of enrolling for MBA. The students will have the option of completing two years at IFIM and one year with partner universities like, ESCP Europe, ESC Rennes, University of Wollongong, Paris School of Business and Piedmont International University. Therefore, it is a gateway to global career offering a combination of ‘Indian Values’ and ‘Global Outlook’. Vijaybhoomi University is the only University offering BBA and B. Com programs with an Industry 4.0 aligned curriculum from India’s 6th AACSB accredited business school. Our General Education curriculum aligned to the US Universities and Super-specialization in next-gen areas at top international partner schools make you future ready. The three pillars which reflect the pedagogy are Liberal, Trust and Freedom. We are offering placement services right after completion of your course. We generate professionals who are expected to be omniscient, socially responsible and what we refer to them is ‘T’-shaped professionals, where the horizontal bar represents liberal education and general management skills, while the vertical bar represents specialization in specific areas. Our practice courses like Personality Enhancement Program (PEP), Social Immersion Program (SIP), Research/Innovation Incubation, Industry Internship Program (IIP) and Execution by Service in Institutional Committees (ESIC), make you a complete professional as you make your journey from Classroom to Boardroom.

International Gateway

  • Students have the option of achieving a dual degree through the International Pathway Program with Universities like;​
  • ESCP Europe ​
  • ESC Rennes (To be signed)​ ​
  • University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School​ ​
  • Paris School of Business, France ​ ​
  • Piedmont International University, USA. ​ ​

Program Architecture

Credit Definition
Study hours type BBA and BCom
Classroom Contact Hours* 0 -10
Directed Learning 30-20
1 Credit is equal to 10 sessions of face to face or clasroom contact hours of teaching and 5 hours of Supervised learning and 15 hours of Directed Learning
Graduation Criteria
CGPA atleast 5.0 at the end of the Program
Completion of atleast 140 credits, including 40 from general basket, 33 from foundation and core, 26 from practice, 40 from electives and 1 from comprehensive test
No F Grade in Core, Foundation or Practice Course
Program Architecture BBA and Bcom
First Year of Bachelor Program
General Education Basket (Minimum of 6 Credits from each Basket) Course (Presently offered) Credit Point Min Credits
Liberal & Business Arts & Humanities Creative Writing & Story Telling
Theatre in Management & Leadership Principles
Science Symbolic Logic
College Algebra
Fundamentals of Chemistry
Fundamentals of Physics
Law Political Social and Legal Environment
Indian Constitution
Business & Leadership Managing Self
Understanding of Consumers and Markets
Business Leadership and History

Data Science The Art and Science of Storytelling with Data Visualizations
Foundations of Probability and Statistics for Data Science
Design Visual Language
Design Thinking
Environmental Science Environmental Sciences and Sustainability (Required) 2
Second and Third Year of Bachelor Program
Professional Functional Core 33
Business/Accounting Electives(Major/Minor) 40
Life Skills(Business Communication, Cross Culture and Negotiation) 6
Comprehensive test on functional core 1
Practice PEP (Lifestyle) 2+4 20
Research Incubation/ Innovation Incubation 3
Effective Execution 3
Social Immersion Program 3
Industry Internship Program 5

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 60% (or equivalent CGPA) marks in 10+2 (or equivalent) examination with valid VSAT score

Fee Structure

  • Total Tuition Fees (for 3 Years) - INR 4,50,000
  • *Fees might vary based on the number of credits chosen by students